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Performance Specifications
SM Series
A. This assembly shall consist of a black extruded aluminum enclosure, 3.375” x 4.75” in cross section. Terminal strips are provided for feed conduit and wire extending to pigtail receptacles.
B. Housing shall be fabricated of black extruded aluminum wireway with interlocking cover sections to exceed UL 1573 standards. Housing shall be inherently rustproof.
C. The box shall be completely pre-wired at the factory, with ground lugs installed. D. The entire assembly shall be listed and labeled by Underwriters Laboratories.
Ordering Information
2PGPT 20 Amp. Stage pin 18” pigtail L520R 20 Amp. Twist lock receptacle L520PT 20 Amp. Twist lock 18” pigtail 520R 20 Amp. Parallel blade receptacle 520PT 20 Amp. Parallel blade 18” pigtail 602PGFL 60 Amp. Stage pin receptacle 602PGPT 60 Amp. Stage pin 18” pigtail
Outlet type
Outlet quantity (if different)
Circuit quantity Outlet box type
Sample: SM-4-2PGFL
Surface Mounted Outlet Box with 4 - 20 amp circuits and 4 stage pin receptacles.
Please specify circuit numbering when ordering. Consult the factory for custom types and sizes.
170 Fortis Dr. Duncan, SC 29334 864-848-9770 Fax 864-848-3746

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