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Performance Specifications
A. The CMS Pantograph assembly shall consist of an extruded aluminum wireway:
1. CMS-1 6.605” wide by 1.450” high in cross section containing five cable compartments. 2. CMS-II 2.882” wide by 1.450” high in cross section containing two cable compartments.
B. The length of each section to be specified based on the distance between rigging pick up cables and maximum actual travel.
C. The CMS shall raise and lower the enclosed electrical cable as it travels with the battens.
D. The CMS shall provide a permanent electrical connection for the lighting system circuits.
E. The CMS shall be installed between rigging lift lines and in such as way as to prevent electrical
cables from fouling with other hoisting components or mechanism.
F. The CMS unit housing shall have an electrostatic paint finish in black.
G. CMS aluminum wireway shall have a uniform minimum wall thickness of .094
H. CMS housing shall be inherently rustproof.
I. Festoon cable shall be 12 or 10 AWG annealed stranded bare copper insulated with flame-
retardant Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and provided in the specified number of conductors.
J. CMS units shall contain electrically insulated, adjustable pressure pad strain relief devices to
hold all cable securely in place.
K. CMS unit shall be provided with two (2) PMB1 pipe clamp mounting devices for attachment to
1-1/2” pipe (2” O.D.)
L. Each CMS hinge section to be provided with a pair of 7 gauge hinge arms and grade 8 attach-
ment hardware.
M. Unistrut P1001 horizontal stabilization track to be supplied in the specified length.
N. One (1) P2950 trolley and PTB1 mounting bracket shall be provided with unit to attach extruded
aluminum wireway to P1001.
O. One (1) P2949 trolley and PCB1 bracket shall be provided with unit to manage excess cable.
P. Two (2) P1001 end stop plates to be provided to prevent the P2950 trolley from exiting the
P1001 track.
Ordering Information
Type of data cable required, leave blank for “none” required Quantity of data cables required
Total 20 amp circuits required Total Vertical Travel
Cable Management System
Sample: CMS-30-18-1-DMX—Cable Management System designed for 30’-0" of vertical travel with eighteen (18) 20 amp circuits and one run of DMX data cable
Information required with orders:
1. Mounting height of horizontal stabilization track 2. Low trim of rigging set
3. Total vertical travel required
4. Distance between rigging pick up lines
5. Extra length of top and bottom tail for all cable
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