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Performance Specifications
Company Switch
A. Unit shall be UL listed and labeled.
B. Enclosure to be fabricated using 12-gauge steel.
C. Enclosure to have four (4) welded mounting tabs.
D. Unit shall contain one (1) 3-pole main breaker with 65K AIC rating.
E. Breaker shall be installed with a shunt trip mechanism that activates when the access door is opened.
F. Access door shall contain a keyed locking “T” handle.
G. Breaker shall be equipped with a padlock attachment to lock the handle in the off position when not in use.
H. Fused indicator lights shall be provided for each phase and ground continuity.
I. Pull handles shall be installed on each side of the breaker to protect the switch.
J. All internal power connections shall be to UL listed insulated power distribution blocks with up to 500 MCM wire capacity.
K. Output connections shall be provided by UL listed insulated power distribution blocks with up to 500 MCM wire capacity.
L. Cable entry opening shall contain five (5) or six (6) 1.25 x 3” slots.
M. Cable connection shall be through hinged door that can only be accessed from inside connection chamber.
N. Bare cable connection to distribution blocks shall be secured with spring loaded strain relief.
O. UL listed output receptacles shall be mounted inside connection chamber.
P. Connection chamber is protected by a locking access door and an interlock switch wired to the breaker shunt trip.
Ordering Information
Catalog number shall be as follows with XXX rep- resenting the ampacity:
Cam Connector, 5 wire: DS-XXX-5W-C Cam Connector, 6 wire: DS-XXX-6W-C Sequential Interlock, 5 wire: DS-XXX-5W-P Sequential Interlock, 6 wire: DS-XXX-6W-P
Cam or Posi-Lok Wire Count
Ampacity Disconnect Switch
Sample: DS-400A-6W-C
400 Amp company switch with 6 cam connectors with reverse ground/neutral and double neutral.
170 Fortis Dr. Duncan, SC 29334 864-848-9770 Fax 864-848-3746

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