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SB-DMX-  -
DMX-Controlled Portable Relay Device
SwitchBrick Duo
Wired DMX
Wireless DMX
Wireless DMX
Wireless DMX
2 Individually Addressable Outputs, DMX Throughput
OEM Partner
OEM Partner
OEM Partner
SSRC’s SwitchbrickTM Duo is the first o!ering in the SwitchbrickTM line of portable DMX-Controlled relay devices. Packed with features in a small, rugged enclosure, the device allows for silent switching of two (2), individually controlled DMX-addressable solid state relays presenting itself as a perfect pairing with modern LED performance lighting fixtures. The Switchbrick’s recycled extruded aluminum chassis and end-caps will stand up to the rigors of production and touring environments. By using these materials in manufacturing SSRC c!ontinues its commitment to building an eco-friendly product line."
With both standard wired and optional wireless DMX512, and with over/undercurrent sensing to protect sensitive loads, the SwitchbrickTM will quickly become the go-to choice in your production toolbox for data connectivity and switched portable show power.
Input Male Connector Type
(A) Stagepin, (B) Edison (C) Twist-Lok, (D) Powercon
Optional Wireless Card
(WWS) = Wireless Solution WDMX Card" (WCT) = City Theatrical ShowDMX Card" (WLR) = Lumen Radio Wireless DMX Card
Example: "
SwitchbrickTM Duo with (2), 10A Circuits, Wired DMX512, Lumen Radio Wireless DMX, Stagepin Connector.
E!very SwitchbrickTM Comes Standard With (1) 18” Input Pigtail That Includes Male Connector Of Choice."
Output Pigtail Adapters Are Optional If Required.
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