SSRC HAs the ability to interact effectively with theatrical dealers, representatives and consultants.

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Clair Brothers
AL Showbiz Theatrical Services
AZ Barbizon Arizona
AZ John S. Hyatt and Associates
CA Angstrom Stage Lighting
CA California Stage & Lighting
CA Holzmueller Corporation
CA LVH Entertainment Systems
CA Musson Theatrical Inc
CA PRG Lighting
CA Sacramento Theatrical Lighting
CA AST-Advanced Systems & Technology
CA 4Wall Entertainment
CO Barbizon Light of the Rockies
CO Norcostco
CO Opera Shop
CT Advanced Lighting & Sound Solutions
CT North American Theatrix
CT Show Lighting
CT Supertech Inc
DC Barbizon Capitol
DC Shadowstone, Inc.
DC Parlights, Inc.
DE Parlights, Inc.
DE Barbizon Capitol
FL Barbizon Miami
FL Barbizon Orlando
FL Candela Controls
FL JAX Stage Lighting Inc
FL Mainstage Theatrical Supply
FL Murphy Lighting
FL Miami Stagecraft Inc
FL PRG Lighting
FL Stage Equipment And Lighting, Inc
GA Barbizon Atlanta
GA Magnum Company
GA Norcostco
GA PRG Lighting
GA Stage Front Presentation Systems
GA Television Production Service
GA AST-Advanced Systems & Technology
HI Attco Inc
IL Barbizon Chicago
IL Intelligent Lighting Creations
IL Grand Stage Company, Inc.
IL AST-Advanced Systems & Technology
IN Associated Controls & Design
IN AST-Advanced Systems & Technology
IN Indianapolis Stage Lighting
KY Associated Controls & Design
KY Vincent Lighting Systems
LA Texas Scenic Company
LA W. D. Faust & Associates -
MA Barbizon Light of New England
MA High Output Inc
MA Limelight Productions
MD Amberient
MD Barbizon Capitol
MD 4Wall Entertainment
MD Parlights, Inc.
MD Fisher Theatrical
MD 4Wall Entertainment
MI Vincent Lighting Systems
MI John S. Hyatt & Associates
MI TPC Technologies
MI Tobins Lake Studio
MN Gopher Stage Lighting
MN Kingdom Sound & Lighting
MN Norcostco
MN Stage Technology
MO A to Z Theatrical Supply
MO Associated Theatrical Contractors
MO Cine Services
MO Harvest Productions Inc
MO VIP Production Northwest
MS Davaine Lighting
NC Barbizon Charlotte
NC Church Interiors Audio Video
NC Eclipse Lighting
NC Strategic Connections
NC Designlab
NC Audio Ethics Inc.
NE Heartland Scenic Studio
NE Theatrical Media Services Inc
NH Port Lighting Systems
NJ 4Wall Entertainment
NJ BML, Inc.
NJ Circuit Lighting, Inc.
NJ Generations Brands
NJ Earl Girls, Inc.
NJ Norcostco
NJ PRG Lighting
NJ Shadowstone Inc
NJ Starlite Productions
NJ Nelson Enterprises
NJ 4Wall Entertainment
NJ EGI Productions
NM Hogle's Theatrical Supply
NV 4Wall Entertainment
NV PRG Lighting
NV 4Wall Entertainment
NY A. C. Lighting, Inc.
NY Barbizon Electric
NY Creative Stage Lighting
NY Sharff Weisberg, Inc.
NY Syracuse Scenery & Stage Lighting Co.
NY Theatrical Services & Supplies Inc
OH Beck Studios, Inc.
OH Live Technologies
OH Partech Lighting Systems
OH Perovsek Engineering
OH Janson Industries
OH Vincent Lighting Systems
OK Integrated Lighting Systems
OR Hollywood Lights
PA Clair Brothers
PA Integrated Theater Systems Ltd.
PA Philadelphia Theatrical Supply
PA PAVL Systems Inc
PA Production Express, Inc.
PA Barbizon Capitol
PA Vincent Lighting Systems
PA Pittsburgh Stage, Inc
SC Productions Unlimited
TN Appalachian Light & Production
TN 4Wall Entertainment
TN Clair Brothers
TN Bandit Lites
TN Bradfield Stage Lighting
TN Delta Stage Lighting
TN Memphis Audio
TN Moonshine Lighting Inc
TN Tennessee Lighting Company, Inc
TN Theatrical Lighting Systems, Inc.
TX Techland Houston
TX Texas Scenic Company
TX Batts Audio, Video & Lighting, Inc.
TX CueBlue
TX Infinity Sound
TX Clair Brothers
TX AST-Advanced Systems & Technology
UT General Theatrical Supply, Inc.
UT Oasis Stage Werks
VA Barbizon Capitol
VA Parlights, Inc
VT Production Advantage Inc
WA Norcostco
WA Silhouette Lights & Staging
WA Hollywood Lighting
WA VIP Production Northwest
WI Acme Corporation
WI Grand Stage Company, Inc.
WI John S. Hyatt & Associates
WI Mainstage Theatrical Supply
WV Barbizon Capitol
WV Parlights, Inc.
Canada Johnson Systems Inc.