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Audio Video and Lighting for Senior Living Facilities

Audio Video and Lighting for Senior Living Facilities

23 Jan, 2022  /  by marketing

The rise of senior living facilities across the country continues to skyrocket and the trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. When it comes to senior living facilities, there is a long list of special considerations that must be adhered to in order to keep up with the industry.

For facilities that want to be listed as the most innovative and provide the best experience for their residents, one factor needs special attention. Unfortunately, this aspect often winds up on the cutting floor.

In a market that was valued at $83.2 billion last year and with an expected annual growth of more than 5% over the next 25 years, the competition for a slice of the pie is getting fierce. 

The growing geriatric population here in America and their increased capacity for Americans to afford this level of care late in life is leading to thousands of housing facilities for senior residents being constructed over the next two decades.

Today’s Facilities are Not Your Grandmother’s Nursing Home

Long-term care facilities have a come a very long way in recent history. No longer are these communities the dark and musty spaces younger generations may picture. Instead, nursing homes and residential construction for aging Americans now features extremely contemporary and attractive designs.

Along with this focus on modern amenities comes the latest technology as well. As companies are designing various environments within senior living facilities, it is vital to include the right plan for audio, video, and lighting as well.

A Significant Spotlight on Audio Video and Lighting

In order to offer the best amenities, spaces such as a community theater or other environments for entertainment must be a part of the plan. Keep in mind that an aging population requires a pointed focus on both hearing and vision.

As the loss of sight and hearing become prevalent for aging residents, special consideration must be paid to aiding these losses through specialty equipment. More attention to audio frequency, acoustics, captioning, contrast, and quality lighting must be paid for this unique audience.

The success of a new senior living facility and the safety of its residents depend on the plan for audio, video, and—especially—lighting.

For help with selecting the most advanced and customized components for your senior living facility’s AVL design, contact SSRC and reach out online today!