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4 Trends in Church Audio & Video

4 Trends in Church Audio & Video

02 Nov, 2018  /  by admin

As a church it’s vital that your audio and video resources are adequate to ensure that your congregation can see and hear your message, but not too loud that you’re literally chasing people out of your facility. Mastering this balance can be a challenge for churches, especially those that utilize a variety of technologies such as praise music, a band, intricate light displays and video. At SSRC, we’ve helped a number of churches completely transform their A/V setups to offer a much more enjoyable experience for the congregation. Read on to learn a few tips that we’ve come up with during our work with churches of all shapes and sizes.

Top Trends in Church Audio & Video

LED Walls

For many years, churches have relied on projection technology for any screens on stage. Thanks to the decreasing costs of LED, more churches are now looking to LED walls to provide on-stage visuals.

For those churches who are still reliant on projection style displays, laser projectors are becoming the go to option, because of their lower power draw and the fact that the lamps typically won’t ever have to be replaced, because most are rated at 20,000 hrs. While the expense is higher on the front end, laser projectors typically make sense over the long term.

Outdoor Audio

Some churches are attempting to create a fully immersive experience that actually begins before congregation members enter the worship space. While it’s commonplace for restaurants and venues to hide speakers outside, churches are now beginning to use these same techniques to stream worship music outdoors to get congregation members into the mood as they make their way into the building.

More Polished Visuals

Whether it’s high quality presentations, or well-orchestrated videos, churches are spending much more time on the multimedia aspects of worship. This helps to keep congregation members engaged throughout the entire worship service.

Live Streaming

With the internet becoming a driving force even in the church world, churches are finding it more important than ever to offer live streaming of their services. Today’s churchgoers often like to try out a church “virtually” before making the choice to actually attend a live service.

Interested in Learning More About Theatrical Equipment from SSRC?

If your church is looking to upgrade its audio or video infrastructure, feel free to reach out to the experts at SSRC today. We’ve helped churches of all sizes over the past several decades with all types of lighting, video and audio needs. We can be reached by phone at 864-848-9770 and would be happy to assist you in any way that we can.