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6 Important Pieces of Advice for Setting up Your Stage

6 Important Pieces of Advice for Setting up Your Stage

30 Oct, 2017  /  by admin

Setting up a stage is the process of arranging a space in such a way where your performance connects with your audience. A beautifully set up stage can help capture your audience’s attention and take them into another world. A well-lit and sound-checked stage can help further augment the emotions of any performance.

6 Tips for Setting up a Stage


Allocate more time than you think you need to set up

Setting up can often take more time than you might think, and it’s always important to leave extra time aside if any issues arise. Check in with your performers beforehand and make sure there’s plenty of time to run sound checks.

Stay organized

So many important, small details go into a successful stage performance, from light positioning to sound cables being properly connected. It’s crucial to stay organized and on top of everything at all times. Creating a checklist to make sure no little detail goes unforgotten is a good idea.

If other things will be going on during the stage performance, set these areas of action well away from the line of view to the stage

If your event has people getting up to get food or refreshments, it’s important that this distraction to audience members is minimized in the most effective way possible. Distractions can greatly detract from the performance and take away from the special atmosphere you’re trying to create.

Understand the role of lights in any performance

Lights are used on stage to select visibility to focus an audience’s attention. They are also used to intensify the mood of the scene and bring out 3-dimensional aspects of the set. Read more about Stage Lighting Basics: 5 Helpful Tips For Starting Out.

Utilize the controllable qualities of light

Color, intensity, texture, distribution, and movement of lights can all be controlled by the stage setup crew. All can be used in different combinations and varieties to heighten the performance’s emotions.

Understand where the lights are best placed

Where your lights are positioned directs the focus of the audience. Action areas of the stage are usually best lit by 2 lights each coming from a 45-degree angle above and to the side of the center. Backlighting and downlighting can help then support the rest of the stage to make sure it is all seen.

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