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How to Properly Light a Stage: The Most Important Do’s and Don’ts

How to Properly Light a Stage: The Most Important Do’s and Don’ts

07 May, 2018  /  by admin

Properly lighting a stage isn’t always easy. In the world of show business, top theaters and stages often have dozens of people working for them to light up the stage and cue the lights throughout various performances. The right stage lighting has the power to elevate a performance to a whole new level, and fortunately, with the right strategy in place, you can recreate an effective, appealing stage lighting design without the need for an entire professional team. To help you get started understanding how to properly light up a stage, follow these core pieces of advice.

Keep in Mind These Important Do’s and Don’ts When Lighting Up Your Stage


Visualize on Paper Where Your Lighting Should Point

The first step in any stage lighting design process is to figure out where lights should be directed and in turn where they should be placed to achieve your desired end look. Creating a mockup on paper is a good place to start. List out all the equipment you have to work with, and figure out if you will need anything new as well. Once you know what equipment you will be using, decide how your lights will be set up.

Invest in high quality equipment

Purchasing well-made, high-quality lighting equipment is well worth the investment. Mediocre lighting can affect your overall stage design and limit your abilities to create a captivating atmosphere. Top lighting equipment can better support your lighting efforts, so make sure to create a budget well ahead of time that ensures you will be able to purchase the most important lighting systems you need to support a memorable performance.

Don’t Forget to Tie Up Any Loose Ends

When laying down your electrical cables, make sure to run them overhead and keep them away from the stage floor as much as possible to avoid potential stumbles on stage, or even worse falls. If you must run a cable across the stage floor, always use recessed tracks and tape the cables down. Before working with any cable, always inspect them to make sure they are in good condition to support a safe environment.

Don’t Be Ignorant of Any Aspect of the Stage Performance

Knowing a stage performance inside and out is absolutely crucial to the success of any lighting design and performance execution. Make sure to develop an acute awareness of transition phases and key moments within the performance to know when lighting should be changed to remain in congruence with what’s happening on the stage. Off lighting can misdirect an audience’s attention and detract from the actual performance.

Invest in High-Quality Stage Lighting Equipment from SSRC 

The quality of the lighting equipment you use can directly impact the success of any performance. To better capture an audience’s attention, use theatrical production equipment from SSRC and learn more about theatrical lighting design process. For over 30 years, we have been providing our loyal customers with some of the very best lighting solutions available in the entire industry. If you have any questions or concerns about which lighting equipment is best for you, don’t hesitate to contact us today.