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How To Put On A Great Theatre Performance

How To Put On A Great Theatre Performance

09 Jun, 2017  /  by admin

The theatre is a living, breathing creation. Weeks of planning goes into any performance. Rehearsals in the nights before are filled with nerves among the cast. Everyone is worried about their lines, or missing their cues. That’s theatre life, right there.

One thing the cast shouldn’t have to worry about is the technology needed to put on the magical display. Technical issues tend to be the biggest worry on opening nights, or during any type of rehearsal. You don’t want to take that chance. You want to know that you have reliable stage and lighting products that will do exactly what you need it to. Especially when it comes to stage lighting.

Stage lights are often the only way the audience can even see the cast. Otherwise, a dimly lit theatre would only echo the voices. You would have to squint or wait for your eyes to adjust to even see the cast on stage. No audience member wants that. It would completely ruin the theatre experience. Plus, so many performances rely on stage lighting as the cue for the cast members. Without proper stage lighting, the whole production could be in jeopardy.

Aside from the cast taking cues from the stage lighting, the audience often does too. When the stage lights dim down, the audience often knows to fall silent. They sit, waiting with anticipation to see what the stage lights will reveal when they turn back on. When the stage lights are their brightest, the audience cheers. When the house lights come back on, the audience knows the performance is over and the crowd stands to show their appreciation for the cast.

Without stage lighting, none of this would be possible. Creating the right atmosphere for any theatre performance relies on choosing the best theatrical stage and lighting products.

It’s more than the stage lighting though. It’s about choosing the right communication panel for your lighting as well. There are too many poorly made lighting panels out on the market. Cheap, sure. But the quality reflects in the price most of the time. The low costing panels are often the ones that are going to give you communication problems. When you want to dim the stage lighting, you should be able to dim the lighting. You want quality made stage lighting panels that are going to provide the mood you’re trying to set with the stage. Always buy from SSRC, quality theatrical distribution products you know and trust, to avoid any errors with your stage lighting.

As an added piece of advice: Test out your stage lighting right away. Do the first run through with the lighting set how you’re expecting it to be on opening night. See for yourself if there are any errors. If the lighting cycle doesn’t go the way you want, you’ll have plenty of time to fix it. Never leave theater equipment checks until the last minute.

If you want to put on a great performance, it all starts with quality theatrical equipment from SSRC. Contact SSRC today or one of our authorized dealers for a great selection of quality theatrical equipment.