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Tips for Making Stage Lighting Affordable

Tips for Making Stage Lighting Affordable

25 Oct, 2019  /  by admin

Whether you own your own theater or you are putting on your own theatrical production, quality stage lighting comes at a cost. Making stage lighting both affordable and sufficient can be difficult to do if you don’t have the right company standing behind you. At SSRC Quality Theatrical Distribution, we’d like to share tips for making stage lighting affordable. No matter what type of production you may be doing, we aim to help you bring your stage to life at an affordable cost.

Utilizing Back Lighting

Anytime someone is standing on stage or in front of a camera, the use of backlighting is helpful. Back lighting should be positioned properly, towards the upstage. This prevents speakers from looking flat and can sharpen your image and improve the quality should your performance be recorded or photographed.

Investing in Followspots

Should you have no other lighting at all, a followspot is the perfect way to draw your audience’s eyes to the presenter. Followspots are operated by technicians and are manually moved to follow along with the presenter or performer, ensuring they are well lit as they engage the audience. These types of lights can be operated in the back of the room or facility.

Creating an Affordable Backdrop

Truthfully, the number of items invested into one performance can be astronomical. If you want a versatile way to add color to a wall or spruce up a backdrop, uplights are a perfect option. While they are not meant to illuminate an entire area, they can help set the tone and mood for your space. Turning these lights on or off will cue your audience to look at the stage when the time is needed.

Adding a Stage Wash

A stage wash is a simple way to keep your costs down and your stage well within regulations. Instead of using hanging or rigged up lights that insurance companies do not like to cover, a stage wash can be grounded and placed in the back of the room. It is a conventional lighting fixture that adds no color or texture but helps keep the audience fixated on the stage.

Whether you are holding a small school play or a massive theatrical production, SSRC Quality Theatrical Distribution is here to help you. If you are looking for tips or ways to make your stage lighting more affordable, feel free to give us a call today. Contact SSRC Quality Theatrical Distribution today.