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4 Common Mistakes Stage Crew Members Make with Stage Setup

4 Common Mistakes Stage Crew Members Make with Stage Setup

09 Mar, 2018  /  by admin

With any live performance, mistakes are bound to be made. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of actions you can take beforehand to minimize potential errors and address mistakes that are made in the stage setup process. Here are some of the most common mistakes stage crew members make before the live performance even begins; make sure to avoid them!

Decide on Style Decisions and Add in Theatrical Parts that Do Not Increase Audience Engagement

In trying to make a performance stand out from all other renditions of past plays, sometimes directors and crew members like to add in elements to make a performance more historically accurate, modernized, intricate, or purer in interpretation. However, if these actions do not support increased audience engagement, they can actually work against you and detract from the main message of the play. All production and style choice should center around moving an audience. Keep the story authentic and engaging, without being overly long and giving the audience too much to take in at once.

Strike the Wrong Balance with Stage Makeup for the Performers

Stage makeup can be tricky to get right the first few times around. Concentrating on making your performers look good close up is a common mistake of new stage makeup artists. In the bright lights away from an audience, stage makeup needs to be exaggerated and almost overdone to appear clear to the audience from a distance. Stage makeup needs to be heavier in its application, but not too crazy with colors so people don’t appear “clown like.” Avoid pinks and stark whites. Cream colors and makeup with a slightly yellow tint usually works best. Don’t skimp on brown mascara and eye liner for men.

Overdo It with Colors in the Stage Lighting

Colored lighting can be a beautiful way to add emotion and drama to any performance. Overdoing it though with an explosion of colors can completely detract from any performance. You don’t have to flood the stage with all kinds of colors at the same time, even though you have the capabilities of doing so. Avoid using stark color contrasts that can be unpleasing to an audience’s eyes; these can shock people and appear messy. Avoid sudden pops of red lighting right after blue hues. Use lighting gels that complement each other and invest in a broad range of them.

Getting Carried Away with Excessive Lighting

Effective stage lighting is all about time and planning. Every light on the stage should be in place to accomplish a specific purpose and objective. Getting carried away with trying to feature all your beautiful lighting technology at once is one mistake that must be avoided. Make sure that the lights being featured are reflective of the performance in an ongoing basis and coincide with the theme of the performance. Use only what is required.

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