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7 Helpful Tips for Speaking Better on Stage

7 Helpful Tips for Speaking Better on Stage

18 Jan, 2018  /  by admin

Whether you’re speaking on stage at a conference or playing a starring role in a play, the way you deliver your words matters. The way in which you articulate your words substantially influences how others perceive you. Paying more attention to a few important variables can make the difference in the delivery of your speech going from good to great. Follow and practice these tips before the next time you go on stage.

Remember to Slow Down

With the bright lights and an audience full of people, it’s not uncommon for people to talk faster when the pressure is on. Slow your speech down to appear more confident and help the others better follow what you’re saying.

Make Sure You Are Speaking Loud Enough for Everyone to Hear You

Even with a microphone, if you don’t speak loudly and clearly enough, those people in the back of the room won’t be able to understand everything you are saying. Sound doesn’t carry the same way with a full crowd compared to when the place is empty.

Practice Your Pitch

Fine-tuning the pitch of your voice can make a significant difference. Varying how high and how low the notes of your voice are can allow you to emphasize the right points and strengthen your overall message. To appear more authoritative, end your statements with a lower pitch. To ask a question more clearly, end things with a higher note. Make sure that your speech isn’t consistently higher in pitch as it could make you appear nervous to the audience.

Maintain a Smooth Tempo Changing Pace at the Right Times

Increasing the pace of your words helps to convey action and excitement. Slowing things down helps to emphasize key points for the audience to focus in on and remember.

Take Advantage of Pauses

When it is appropriate, taking brief breaks transitioning between thoughts can allow audiences to appreciate more fully what you are saying and can even create suspense in attention on what will come next.

Let the Emotion in Your Voice Guide the Audience

The emotion in your voice should match the words you’re saying even when you’re not acting on stage. It’ll signal to the audience how to feel and allow you to engage with them more deeply.

Visualize Success

Research has shown that visualization can help better manifest desired outcomes for everything from sports to business. It’s a common practice for many of the world’s successful people; it can’t hurt to imagine yourself excelling speaking on stage and hear the applause afterwards. 

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