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7 Stage Management Tips to Ensure a Successful Production

7 Stage Management Tips to Ensure a Successful Production

28 Aug, 2017  /  by admin

Behind the scenes of any great stage performance is a great stage crew. Stage managers help guide the production to flow seamlessly from scene to scene. From professional lighting to sound effects, they understand all the technical aspects of what goes into a spectacular show. There are certain qualities excellent stage managers embody and specific things they keep in mind to ensure a successful production.

7 Stage Management Tips for a Successful Show 

Lead by Example

As is typical of human nature, stage managers understand that with so many different personalities and opinions among the cast and crew, clashes may occur and everything won’t go perfectly according to plan. Great leaders know that staying calm and being respectful of all the workers will ensure that these obstacles can be easily overcome together.

Understand that You’re Part of a Team

Everyone involved in a performance wants the production to be the best it possibly can be. Sometimes with contrasting ideas, people may forget that they’re all in this together. Stage managers make sure that everyone feels their voices are heard and their thoughts are valued. They treat everyone like family and inspire them to overcome their differences and work together.

Hope for the Best, but Always Plan for the Worst

With so many moving parts, potential “disasters” could occur with any performance. Anticipating and planning for any issues that could arise is the key. Working with the crew to help them know what to do in different instances and adapt on the spot is important. This is a skill that takes practice.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Stand

In trying to keep everyone happy, a stage manager could fall into the trap of being a “pushover.” In a cool and collected manner, great stage managers know that they must assert their authority from time to time. Fickle leadership can lead to chaos. Giving clear restrictions and guidelines to your crew members is critical.

Pay attention to the little things and take great notes

So many tiny details go into any great production and collectively make a substantial impact on the show. Taking good notes during the rehearsal process is important. Listening closely and paying attention to technology and lighting cues is a must.

Understand All the Technical Aspects

Spotting, professional lighting, and sounds effects all contribute to a great show. Knowing how to use all the professional equipment will help stage managers make adjustments quickly if an emergency arises and also help crew members be managed more effectively.

Remember to Have Fun

Keeping up workers’ morale and doing your best to make sure everyone is having a good time leads to an enjoyable work atmosphere and can create something magical.

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