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The Different Types of Stage Lighting Equipment

The Different Types of Stage Lighting Equipment

21 Sep, 2017  /  by admin

Professional lighting plays a key role in any stage production. The use of different types of lights, such as floodlights and spotlights, can change the atmosphere of an event in an instant. Stage lighting equipment contains multiple parts to project various forms of light onto the stage. Each different kind of light functions to serve a specific purpose to capture an audience’s attention.

The Main Components of Lighting Equipment


  • Light Housing – acts as a holder for the rest of the lighting equipment. It is typically made of metal or plastic.
  • Lens – located where light passes through the housing. It helps direct the beam of light.
  • Reflector – placed around or behind the light source to direct the light and can affect the light’s quality.
  • Attachment Apparatus – supports or suspends the lighting system to make it easier to use. Attachment apparatuses help lighting systems be placed exactly where stage managers want them.
  • Lamp (or more commonly called the bulb) – These devices provide the lighting source. They can include quartz-halogen, tungsten-halogen, florescent, and LED light sources.


The Main Types of Lights


  • Floodlights – illuminate large areas and can fill shadowed areas of the stage. They offer a broad, soft lighting source. Soft lamps, broad lights, fixed-focus lighting and florescent lighting are all commonly used as floodlights.
  • Soft Lamps – diffuse lights and wraps around the subject mainly to reduce shadows on stage. They are boxlike and typically portable.
  • Broad Lights – small lights housed in a boxlike container and typically include only 1 lamp. They are used in small areas on set to supplement lighting to lighten shadows and not change the character of the main light.
  • Fixed-Focus Lighting – covers a wide area of the stage with an even and controllable field of light.
  • Spotlights – Project beams of light coming onto the stage. LED light sources make excellent spotlights. LED lights such as SSRC’s LED Work Light provide very strong light sources for stages.


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