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Benefits of a Spotlight When Choosing Stage Lighting Equipment

Benefits of a Spotlight When Choosing Stage Lighting Equipment

08 Mar, 2019  /  by admin

There is a myriad of options when it comes to stage lighting, and you need to make careful choices when you are selecting stage lighting equipment. If you fail to make the correct decisions, then you may be leaving more than the people on your stage in the dark.

It doesn’t matter whether your stage is going to be used for theater productions, musical productions or seminars, spotlights are highly effective across the board and their use can really make or break a performance. They are also highly versatile, as they can be used to flood specific areas, or pinpoint individual performers.

Effective Use of Spotlights Really Enhances a Performance

Spotlights are hugely effective during music events. They are used to pinpoint say, individual members of a band, allowing the audience to focus on them and to largely ignore what else is going on. As you will no doubt be aware, during a live music event the stage is typically awash with technicians and equipment, and the performers will prefer the focus to be on them, and not the whole stage.

In theater productions spotlights are important too. During large-scale productions spotlights can be used to highlight specific performers, allowing the audience’s focus to be placed where it needs to be. The rest of the stage does not need to be in complete darkness, but an audience can be primed to keep their attention on where it is desired to be, by having certain areas of the stage or actors under a spotlight.

Spotlights Allow You to Focus an Audience’s Attention

Spotlights can help with scene changes too. If certain performers are kept lit while other areas are in darkness, stage hands can change the scenery without grabbing the attention of the audience. This prevents the requirement of halting the entire performance when a partial change of scenery is needed.

A decent light show can also aid an audience’s appreciation of a performance, be it musical or theatrical. Solo or key performers can be spotlighted, and single actors can be highlighted when they are delivering monologues or key speeches. An effective use of lighting can really enhance a performance, making it as important a consideration as costume choices or sound design.

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