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How to get Creative with Stage Lighting

How to get Creative with Stage Lighting

09 Jan, 2020  /  by admin

At SSRC, we love seeing our customers get creative with the stage lighting products that they purchase from us. Getting creative with stage lighting may seem simple, but there are definitely some key items for any size tech crew to remember. Creating an environment that keeps your guests focused is critical and stage lighting offers a great way to accomplish this.

Using Stage Lighting to Differentiate Between Time of the Day

During a play, there are often scenes that take place in the morning, at sunrise, sunset or late at night. At SSRC, we have seen tech teams use lighting to set the time of day on stage. Blue lighting hues are great at creating daytime scenes, while red and yellow lighting is perfect for evening scenes. By using different color lighting on the same backdrop, you can easily accomplish a totally different look when it comes to the time of day that you’re looking to illustrate.

Importance of Toning & Blending

If you have a focal point on stage that you want all eyes to be focused on, you can utilize toning and blending of the stage lighting to keep everyone fully focused on the key part of the scene. Toning and blending stage lighting brightens the parts of your stage that are beyond the focus of your stage area lighting so that the focus point of the scene is clear.

Don’t Forget about Background Lighting

If you’re on a tight budget and can only use one backdrop for your show, background lighting may be exactly what you need. Background stage lighting can be used to brighten, darken, tone down or even change the entire color of your backdrop. In turn, you’re able to use the same backdrop without your audience noticing.

Stage Lighting Experts

At SSRC, we take pride in being the experts for our customers when it comes to stage lighting. We understand that all tech teams have various levels of experience. No matter if this is your first show or you’ve handled the lighting for years, SSRC is a great resource for you. As the leading manufacturer of quality theatrical distribution products, you can count on us to provide you with affordable, long lasting stage lighting. Get creative with stage lighting by differentiating between time of day, utilizing toning and blending and incorporating background lighting into your backdrop. Make the most out of a small stage and stage lighting.

If you’re ready to get creative with your stage lighting, contact our team at SSRC. One of our stage lighting experts is always available to help you in any way possible.