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Tell a Story with Lighting Design

Tell a Story with Lighting Design

19 Mar, 2020  /  by admin

Telling a story with lighting design or setting a stage for a theatrical production can be done in many ways. Lighting can be a compelling and effective way to help convey nonverbal elements of your story to your audience and capture their attention. Think about a scene from your favorite crime movie or television show – when the dramatic scene is set surrounding the crime, you may notice that the lighting is low or even dark. There are also many scenes in which bright lighting conveys a fun, festive scene. This translates to live productions as well. If you are a production manager at a school, performing arts center, college or university or other venue, SSRC can help you achieve the lighting design you are looking for.

Tips for How to Use Light in Your Next Production

Some tips and techniques for effectively using lighting to tell your story include:

  • Shine light on the characters or props that you want your audience to focus on when you want them to focus. Light will draw your audience’s attention as much as any sound.
  • Your lighting can be used to communicate emotion. Soft lighting can communicate emotions like happiness, joy and love while more harsh lighting can communicate anger, angst and conflict.
  • You can use color with your lighting as well as another way to convey emotion. For example, in many cultures, red represents anger and blue represents sadness.
  • You can also communicate to your audience what is important in a particular scene by having your lighting follow the character that is the center of the scene.
Partner with an Experienced Theatrical Distribution Company

SSRC is an experienced and trusted theatrical distribution company that offers high quality products and excellent customer service at affordable prices. We enjoy learning about all types of theatrical projects and can help you and your staff get the products that will tell the story that you are trying to tell. Our team is talented, knowledgeable and passionate about the arts. We understand all aspects of a theatrical performance from lighting, audio, video, stage set up and microphone placement and would welcome the opportunity to help you with your next production. We understand that you want your audience to thoroughly enjoy the production that you are planning and that in order to do so, communicating your story clearly is important. Let us help you with the technical aspects of your next production. Email us for more information about partnering with our team at SSRC.

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