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Teaching Online Theater

Teaching Online Theater

30 Oct, 2020  /  by admin
Online Theater Tips

With the current pandemic still in play, many school teachers and private theater companies are finding ways to continue their instruction online. Rather than simply shutting it all down while hoping things return back to normal, there are ways to adjust and continue molding young creative minds through the use of today’s technology.

When gathering crowds came to a crashing halt in March of this year, many production companies turned to streaming. For example, Richard Nelson conceived an original drama titled “What Do We Need to Talk About?” which centers on an online family conference call that was a hit. The theater community is a resilient and resourceful bunch who are not allowing our circumstances to curtail their creativity. The good news is that neither do you!

As school begins again and with parents looking for more extracurricular activities for children who have been cooped up during the worst of the pandemic, now is the time for teachers to take advantage of the opportunity at hand. As they say, the show must go on!

Communication with Supervisors is Key to Successfully Teaching Theater Online

Sharing your thoughts, ideas, and plans with those who are responsible for overseeing your role is important. Whether this is a school administration, parents, or patrons of a private company or organization, staying in step with those who have the greatest ability to support and equip you will prove invaluable as you make this pivot.

The model you choose will determine the setup you use. Some schools and private theater companies will go fully online for their instruction. However, others are creating a hybrid model where fewer students are in person so long as social distancing and other guidelines are maintained with an online option as well.

Along with the setup and the approach, another key decision is which online platform to use. Fortunately, there are a lot of great options and each has specific settings for specific usages. Either a quick search online or a conversation with a knowledgeable colleague can point you in the right direction.

Mindset and Materials are Equally Important

Teachers and instructors may be tempted to continue lamenting our current state. Unfortunately, those who do will miss the opportunity to continue developing the next generation of actors. A return to teaching and providing opportunities for students to connect outside of the instructional times will improve morale for everyone involved.

Along with these tips, a source like SSRC for all your lighting distribution needs is critical to making the switch to teaching theater online. Contact SSRC using our online contact form to get more information on how to best set up your space for the most effective instruction possible.

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