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Church Theatrical Lighting Tips for Live Streaming

Church Theatrical Lighting Tips for Live Streaming

19 Jun, 2020  /  by admin

More and more churches of all flavors are realizing the benefits of live streaming their worship services. The reasons for this advantage vary from engaging technology to reach a new demographic to giving an option for elderly shut-ins to still be a part of the experience.

Whatever the motivation for live streaming, churches often fail to understand the need for adequate theatrical lighting to accompany this upgrade. Fortunately, there are experts who can help churches design and install the perfect lighting for their unique spaces.

Proper Lighting Allows for a More Life-Like Experience for The Viewer

Adequate lighting is needed to compensate for the cameras’ inability to see the image being captured the same way a human eye processes the scene in person. The aperture, or size of the opening in the camera’s lens, can be adjusted to allow more or less light in. Cameras always require more light to produce the same image visible to the naked eye. Even at its most open setting, a lens will not allow enough light in to produce an adequate image for live streaming.

Once a pastor or production manager understands the need for adequate church theatrical lighting, the next consideration is placement. Placement depends on several other factors including the ability to include natural light, but there are some general rules of thumb.

Three-point lighting is a classic rule for lighting any subject in order to avoid shadows. This requires key light, fill light, and backlight so that the viewer can fully see whatever is being videoed over the live stream.

Some church sanctuaries and auditoriums were constructed with windows behind the main focal point. This kind of design can present an issue if the key light and fill light together is not bright enough to match the backlight, resulting in a silhouette effect on the video image.

Proper Distancing Is Vital to Producing an Adequate Image

Distance is the next consideration when determining the right lighting for live streaming. Lighting appears to lose brightness over long distances, but this effect is caused by the light expanding. Therefore, although it is just as bright when it reaches the focal point, the light is less concentrated and has been diluted by other sources.

Without the ability to control natural light sources, they will vary and cause the image to appear overexposed or dark depending on the weather outside. Expert theatrical distribution manufacturers like SSRC have years of experience and the most updated technology to help churches compensate for their current lighting to create the best environment for live streaming.

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