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Lighting Goals

Lighting Goals

28 Jul, 2020  /  by admin
Lighting Goals are Important When Planning a Theater Production

When you think about what makes a theater production successful, things like quality of the acting, timing, and how well the audience’s ability to hear might come to mind.  One thing that often gets overlooked is any lighting goals for the production. Lighting can make or break any theatrical production.

What Are Lighting Goals and Why Are They Vital to a Successful Theater Production?

Lighting goals serve several purposes during a production. They are important for directing the attention of the audience to what you want them to see and away from what you don’t at any particular moment during the production. How you light the stage also facilitates the emotion of a scene. In fact, the way a stage is lit will either support the story of the production or work against it. Read more about How to Get Creative with Stage Lighting.

Writers and directors imagine an audience looking toward or looking away from a particular part of the stage during each scene. Don’t assume that dark areas are ignored and well illuminated areas draw attention. Along with the instructions being given to the audience, proper lighting will direct the audience’s vision toward the subject and away from distractions. The craft of lighting can be the best means of hiding characters or stage hands who would otherwise draw attention from the main point of focus.

Given that there are limitations in creating multiple environments on a single stage, the use of lighting can help provide the exact mood and setting a director desires. Lighting can enhance a physical set or even be used to create a simulated set when a quick transition is needed. In doing so, the right lighting can enhance a speaker or actor’s ability to evoke emotion within the audience.

Lighting Gives you Control and Supports the Story

A plot or speech can look good on paper, but the true value is not realized until it comes alive on stage. Choosing the right element, tone, movement, and timing all play a role in creating the most effective scene possible. Lighting is the best tool for creating shapes and shadows that set the perfect scene in any production.

The greatest benefit of hitting your lighting goals is to tell a story with lighting design. True success in any production is a clearly communicated and well received storyline. When designing the set and planning for the production, make sure to keep lighting goals in mind.

The good news is that you don’t have to do this alone. The professionals at SSRC are here to help you with all your lighting distribution needs. Contact us using the online contact form and make sure all the lighting goals for your next production are met.