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Event Lighting

Event Lighting

25 Aug, 2020  /  by marketing

With the warm weather and many states beginning to relax regulations that have kept us mostly indoors for months, the time has come for some outdoor gatherings and the need for event lighting. As people begin looking for opportunities to get out, events that are primarily outside provide a chance to enjoy the seasonal temperatures while also giving everyone the room they need to feel comfortable in a social setting.

One of the often-overlooked aspects of any outdoor gathering is the lighting it requires. The use of event lighting will either detract from or enhance the experience of guests. From weddings to music festivals to gathering your friends in a backyard, there is a lot to consider.

Time of Day and Transitions Are Key

When planning your next outdoor event, keep in mind the time of day and be ready to adjust for changes in natural lighting. If the event is during peak sunlight hours, less attention will need to be paid to most spaces, but there are still a couple keys to remember.

Don’t forget about the enclosed spaces. After all, no one likes getting caught in a portable restroom without the ability to see. Other covered or enclosed spaces may need extra lighting to make sure everyone feels comfortable and help eyes adjust when going from outside to inside.

Safety Should Be the Number One Consideration

The need for lighting becomes more complicated when the natural light goes down. Whether it is enhancing the entertainment through the use of colored LED’s and movers or simply pointing the way for guests to make their way around, as the day gets darker lighting becomes more important.

Proper planning for your outdoor event will help guarantee that lighting accommodates for the safety of your guests without interfering with the mood you hope to set. Carefully consider possible obstructions to your lighting around the venue and compensate using the right option for the space.

Other considerations for your lighting include power sources, weather, and local regulations for your area. Do the research so that you stay within the guidelines and have a plan for sometimes unpredictable summer weather to occur during your event to avoid potentially dangerous disruptions.

When it comes time to locate the right lighting, an equipment manufacturer like SSRC will point you to the best distributors and other professionals who will make sure you are well equipped whatever your needs. Contact SSRC by using our online contact form for more information before your next outdoor gathering.

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