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Lighting Designer

Lighting Designer

22 Feb, 2021  /  by admin

You never want an audience to think about the role of the lighting designer. In fact, the only time the role of lighting designer comes to mind is when the lighting goes bad. The best lighting magnifies whatever production, speaker, or concert is being presented as part of the overall show. It quietly enhances the experience without much appreciation for all that goes into it.

The process for designing lighting that does exactly this begins well before fingers ever touch a trackpad or lighting controller. The best lighting designers understand the leadership adage that you must begin with the end in mind. Then, they back it up all the way to before preproduction even begins.

Get In To the Creative Process as Early as Possible

The earlier a lighting designer can be intertwined with the creative process, the better he or she will understand the primary goal of the production. The designer can then make decisions early on toward that shared goal along with others on the team.

For many shows, this begins with spending time in writing and planning meetings at the very outset of the creative process. Getting quality time in team meetings and in hallway conversations with individual members of the team gives a designer the ability to form concepts that will enhance the production.

Make sure to include everyone in your discussions early and read all the scripts or flow that come your way. From executive producers all the way down to set designers, all who touch any part of the production should be consulted.

The Lighting Plan Will Determine the Products You Need

Once you have done your research and heard from everyone involved, the next step is creating a cue list and sketching a plan for each cue. Thinking through how you will transition between each scene will ensure that you have the right supplies on hand before rehearsals even begin.

Building the rigs and programming the cues all center around the vision developed by being a part of the creative process from the beginning. Then tweaking the color, positions, and focus of the lighting is all you are left with late in the game when you start early with this process.

A Reputable Supplier Makes the Process Even Easier

A proven process is made possible by a proven supplier like SSRC. Contact SSRC by using our online contact form and request more information on how the right products can put your next production in its best light.

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