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Worshipping Online During COVID

Worshipping Online During COVID

18 Mar, 2021  /  by admin
Three Easy Strategies Churches Can Implement for Worshipping Online During COVID

When the pandemic first hit almost a year ago, many churches were left scrambling to develop a plan for pursuing their mission and vision. This includes a weekly gathering, or worship service, for the majority of churches.

Congregations across the country were forced online and the pivot was jarring for many church pastors and leaders. Fortunately, we have learned a lot since going online and there a pile of resources that can benefit the weekly virtual experience.

Change Your Mind and Take Advantage of Opportunities Unforeseen Change Brings

What many pastors and church leaders thought would be a nonissue by Easter proved to be the new norm. Rather than hitting the pause button, the best organizations have recognized the new opportunities that accompany this unprecedented season.

Zoom Reigns Supreme for Cultivating Community

One opportunity is shifting to using Zoom for online gatherings. Prior to the pandemic, a virtual option was seen as just that: optional. However, now that nearly all of life happens online for many of us, we have been forced to discover the many benefits of online platforms.

Rather than spending lots of money on expensive equipment to push a high-quality prerecorded broadcast over the internet, congregations are discovering that community can thrive using Zoom. Simple upgrades like an inexpensive webcam and some extra lighting for those presenting are all you need!

Skip the Recording Session

Online streaming services like YouTube have made it easy to incorporate songs into your online gathering, which gives all churches options for leading worship. Rather than live streaming or recording—or even in addition to—leaders have access to the world’s largest library of songs that can easily be shared during an online gathering.

Keep It Simple

It is important that a congregation hears from its leaders on a regular basis during this extended season. Sharing daily video devotionals to encourage and inspire will go a long way in providing peace for the people you serve.

Again, an effort like this can be effectively accomplished through the use of extra lighting and a late model smartphone. The reward to resource ratio has never been higher for churches.

Whatever happens next, there is no doubt online is here to stay. A partner like SSRC can provide for all your current and future lighting needs to take advantage of these strategies. Contact SSRC online for more information on lighting up your online efforts.

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