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Modern Lighting Trends

Modern Lighting Trends

15 Apr, 2021  /  by marketing

The warp speed of advancements in technology and manufacturing have created more affordable modern lighting trends for productions of all sizes. Innovative lighting design was previously cost-prohibitive for many organizations and theatrical houses.

Not only has the lower pricing opened the door for more professional stage lighting across all venues, but newer equipment takes up much less space and does not require the technical expertise as lighting of old!

With a much smaller budget, front of house now has a much larger opportunity to transform theatrical production with the latest lighting. Knowing how a couple current trends are being put to use will help you take advantage of today’s options.

Advanced Fixtures Means Fewer Elements and More Control

The innovation around digital lighting is blurring the lines between the V and L in AVL to create immersive environments. Hybrid motion fixtures now take the place of both high-tech projectors and traditional fixtures. These new fixtures are used to either display video content or project light on other spaces over a long distance.

Imagine this—you design what appears to be a traditional LED wall mounted light as part of the set behind the scene. Then, with little effort, you are able to move panels from within the wall in order to project images and shades on other areas of the stage or around the house.

Not only does this advancement create an opportunity for even more environmental lighting, but it also provides new ways to incorporate the audience. You are able to make them feel as if they are part of the show itself.

Say Goodbye to Tape and Hello to Flex

Another recent innovation builds on the use of LED tape, which became popular due to its low cost and ease of control. Now, a product known as Neon Flex provides much of the same advantages as LED tape, but without the limitations.

Neon Flex is continuous and provides control over every single pixel so it too can be incorporated into video displays. The free flow of Neon Flex means the options for implementation are nearly infinite.

The form factor of Neon Flex and hybrid fixtures that transition from emitting light to displaying video are breaking new ground for designers. Along with these innovations, a partner like SSRC can transform the atmosphere for your next production and modern lighting trends. Contact us by using our online contact form to request more information on cutting edge technology for theatrical distribution.